John P. Weiss b. 1964

John P. Weiss is a fine artist, cartoonist and author. He studied painting extensively with American master Scott L. Christensen. Museum visits, workshops and intense personal study honed his craft. John paints in oils, watercolor and gouache. He favors a limited palette, and looks for the intersection between painterly realism and pleasing abstraction.

John  is a former editorial cartoonist whose work appears in several editions of Charles Brooks's Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year. John publishes a weekly comic strip, The Life of Art, for the website Fine Art Views.  Visit John's cartoon website here.

John's first book, An Artful Life - Inspirational Stories and Essays for the Artist in Everyone, contains poignant stories and uplifting articles to help readers live a more artful and fulfilling life.  See what readers are saying here. John is also a top writer on the website Medium, where he writes about the creative arts and personal development. Read John's blog. 

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